Connect Multiple Heroku Apps To Same Postgresql Add-on & Overcome Tailwind SASSC Conflict

Tailwind css has a conflict with sassc gem, as stated in the README file of their github repository.

This is a problem for my application because I’m using rails admin for my admin panel, and it needs sassc to compile its assets.

This conundrum between tailwind css and other gems that need the usual rails way of compiling assets can be solved by setting up 2 heroku apps that talks to the same database. Here is how with postgresql.

First, deploy the main heroku app. This automatically adds the heroku-postgresql add-on.

Second, setup a new environment called admin for example. Here are the list of things to prepare for this new environment.

  • Create new config/environments/admin.rb file. Copy the content of config/environments/production.rb into it (this depends on your needs)
  • Install rails_admin gem under the admin group like group :admin do. Do the necessary installation for rails_admin
  • Mount rails_admin route under admin environment only, like mount RailsAdmin::Engine => '/', as: 'rails_admin' if Rails.env.admin?

Third, create a new heroku app. This creates it’s copy of postgresql addon. Remove it by heroku addons:remove admin-postgresql-addon-name. The name of the add on can be found in heroku dashboard under Overview > Installed add-ons

Fourth, attach the postgresql addon of your main app with heroku addons:attach main-postgresql-addon-name

Fifth, change the configs as such heroku config:set RAILS_ENV=admin && heroku config:set RACK_ENV=admin

Lastly, deploy your admin application! 🎉🎉

PS. I might not have all the steps recorded here, but if there’s any new error, it should be fairly straightforward to solve!

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