Monthly Archives: November 2019

How To Setup A Standard AWS VPC With Terraform

This is a documentation on how to setup the standard virtual private network (VPC) in AWS with the basic security configurations using Terraform. In general, I classify the basics as having the servers and databases in the private subnets, and having a bastion server for remote access. There is definitely much room to improve from… Read More »

How To Add Datatables To Webpacker In Rails

This is a documentation of using datatables with the latest version of Rails (6.0 at the time of writing) that uses webpacker as the default Javascript compiler. I found some difficulty in looking for documentation of integrating this in the new Rails away from the lands of Sprocket. Hopefully this can help you and my future… Read More »

Why Is Render JSON And Return Not Working In My Controllers

Recently, I stumbled upon on an unexpected error when i was refactoring my code to follow the style guide of rubocop, Ruby On Rails’ very own linter. The and/or style guide recommends that the logical operator && be used in place of and. When I did that, my controllers started to break my tests. Return… Read More »